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Quality Medical Billing & Consulting LLC

A Hassle-Free Medical Billing Company.

QMBC, a Revenue Cycle and Medical Billing Company located in Chicagoland and servicing Nationwide. We work with all types of specialties and hold the upmost training in medical billing and coding. We are Health Information Professionals working with state of the art technology to tackle the most difficult duties in this field, whether its denials, appeals, or Telemedicine we can get the job done. Our main goal is to maximize your revenue and simplify processes so you can solely focus on patient care. There's no upfront costs or hidden fees so please take a look around and discover why partnering with us is a quality decision.

Advantages to Outsourcing your Medical Billing with Us

QMBC main purpose is to get maximum reimbursement and payments for all healthcare and medical services provided. Following every regulation we bill, correct claims, handle denials and appeals all in one flat fee. 

As your preferred medical billers, we help healthcare professionals and practice facilities get compensated for services rendered. To get reimbursement for any services delivered, the whole healthcare industry relies on billing and coding guidelines authorized by different insurance companies. Here at Quality Medical Billing & Consulting we are more than happy to offer this service to you, bringing quality and affordability together. Here are the differences that set us apart from our competitors...

  • We Offer No-Contract, Risk Free Agreements.

  • We Complete Medical Billing and Coding Together at No Extra Charge.

  • Minimize Managerial Task.

  • Eliminate Billing and Coding Mistakes.

  • Protection of Patient Information.

  • Maximize Revenue.

  • Reduce Overhead Cost, Increase Profitability.

  • We Take the Hassle Out of Your Practice.

Professional Services

Exceeding Your Needs and Expectations


Medical Billing and Coding

We are AHIMA certified and hold the most updated training for reviewing, assigning and billing CPT and ICD10 codes. We perform billing and coding together to ensure maximum results in revenue and reduce denials.



Using the latest technology and a well-structured workflow we are trained, excited and ready to take your billing to the next level. You can virtually treat your patients and leave it up to us to get you paid. Get on board and see how easy and fun this new stage in medicine can be.



We have the necessary experience and skills to tackle just about every job that comes our way. Weather its your aging reports or staff training we have your back. We take the hassle out of your practice.


Our Promise

Quality Medical Billing & Consulting is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure that you are satisfied every step of the way.

It Is Necessary To Use The Best Medical Billing Software.

If your physician friend recommended a physician billing application, you may regret investing in it. A clinic's greatest software may not be the best for others. Several factors should be considered while choosing medical billing software.


This piece highlights our physician billing software's functioning. We recommend that you confirm if your team requires hours of training from billing and coding specialist in advance. This then gives the team an opportunity to master the art of using the program. 

At Quality Medical Billing & Consulting, our number one advice to you is; Find easy-to-use systems. Invest in practical systems, even if it takes time.

The second thing to consider is our agenda to provide adequate training for our clients. As we all know, physical trainings eat up valuable working hours. To save you time and ensure that you have valuable time to do your work, we are more than happy to offer online trainings. 

Thirdly, In the event that the program encounters a problem or your personnel has trouble using it, you will need our technical help. How can Quality Medical Billing & Consulting be of help to you at such a time?  You may ask. Well, with a simple search of medical billing company near me, you find us. We have a team of experts who offer both email and over the phone technical support. 

Questions to Ask When Evaluating Medical Billing Systems

These days, there are an absurdly large number of medical billing and coding from which medical practices and medical billing businesses may choose. As a result, determining which system is the best medical billing software for your company may become very challenging.

Quality Medical Billing & Consulting offers one of the most reliable medical practice management system. As our client and the decision maker in the medical practice arena, here are a few pointers to consider; 

  • Do you prefer to run your own server in-house, or do you prefer a cloud-based system that users can access from multiple locations?

  • Does the program have a fully integrated Real-Time Eligibility feature that can be used to make sure that patients have insurance?

  • Does the program assist you in preventing the submission of claims that violate billing regulations? For the program to be thought of as the best medical practice management system and to make sure that claims are sent in correctly the first time, it must have a powerful automatic claim scrubber.

  • Your system for keeping electronic medical records or electronic health records (EMR/EHR) may be able to import data right away.

  • Can electronic claims be sent directly from the billing system to insurance companies or clearinghouses, or do you have to export the claims from the billing software and import them into a different system?

  • Is it necessary to exit the billing system in order to import Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) from payers or the clearing house, or does the program automatically get these documents from these parties?

  • Does the system give you the option to use a mailing service to send patient statements instead of making and sending them out yourself?

  • Does your practice management software let you handle your accounts receivable without printing and annotating paper reports?

So, these are just a few of the queries that a person looking for the best medical billing software should be asking. Making the ideal pick is critical since there are so many different systems on the market today and because it is a significant decision. 

Good news, at Quality Medical Billing & Consulting we offer you a once in a life time opportunity to outsource the most affordable, most reliable and most functional medical billing systems. Contact us today!

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